Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Yay! I Got A Dog

Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce you to the new guy in my life... Rufus.

What a guy he is, not only will he take me out for walks in the garden, more than happy to have early nights and although we are still trying to get him house trained, he is still cleaner than some of the mishaps that I have dated before!

I have always asked my parents for a puppy but got the usual array of reasons why I wasn't about to find one running into my bedroom one morning, you know... "You can't even look after yourself...", "We have a cat!" those sort of reasons...

Well not only did I finally manage to make 'Mummy D' crack and say that I could get one but my dad even went out and bought me it, which is good as if I was the one that had to do that bit I can honestly say that I would have had the flea ridden mutt at the end of the road on my budget.

Anyway, just wanted to show him off because he's still to have his second lot of injections, so I will make sure to bring him to see you guys once he is all good to go but in the meantime i'm on the hunt for the best pet insurance for dogs without spending a fortune.

If you have any tips for insuring a 10 week old puppy... Now would be a great time to leave them below... 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Breaking Your Coils In For Better Vaping

The most important part of getting back to your normal vaping experience after replacing your coil (or getting a new clearomizer) is learning how to properly break in your new coil. A few simple steps will let you easily bring your coil back to full performance. The techniques are fairly similar across all types of vapes, with a few key differences.

To start, you'll need to fill your tank completely with e-liquid. This ensures that the wick becomes saturated, and there is a smaller chance of getting an unpleasant, dry hit on your first few pulls. This step is the same regardless of your device of choice, whether it's a MOD or a portable vape.

Next, you need to prime your coil. This requires you to take a few dry hits. Dry hits are hits where you don't turn on the battery before pulling. This means the e-liquid will travel into the wick, saturating it and making sure that your hits are filled with vapor once you do turn the battery on. Depending on your vape type, this can take quite a few pulls. Double coil vapes (more commonly found in MODs) will take upwards of five pulls. Single coil vapes can also take this many, but could be fewer. Either way, if you're uncomfortable dry pulling, there's a way to bypass this step. If you've a syringe and some of the e-liquid or some plain vegetable glycerin, you can artificially saturate the wick, allowing you to begin vaping without dry pulling.

The final step is to take some quick, low-voltage hits. If you apply too much power to the un-warmed and maybe not completely saturated coil, you might get some weird-tasting hits to start. This is due to the e-liquid not being properly warmed by the coil, which in turn has been overcome with power due to the sudden pulling after little to no battery warmup time. If you take a few low-voltage hits very quickly, the coil will be completely warmed up. The number of quick hits you've to take will depend on the size and power of your vape.

There may be some modifications to these steps, especially if you've a MOD. MODs have unique parts that may require special attention. Barring that, following these steps will let you break in your new coil with style and enjoy your vaping experience just like you never had to change it in the first place.


If you’re a vaper, people probably know your personality as a little bit quirky, curious, and most of all pretty unique. You’re the type of person who instantly wants to try that new trick nobody else knows about, the one who wants to figure out the most efficient way to get the biggest clouds from your vape. We’ve collected the top 3 simple vape hacks that'll make your vaping experience better than ever before.

Vape Hack #1: Buy a Magnetizer/Demagnetizer

Sometimes your vape needs a little readjustment. Maybe a part has become oversaturated with dried up juice, or perhaps something just came loose. Regardless of the problem, when you try to fix it you see that you need to unscrew a minuscule screw in order to get the part out. Countless frustrating attempts to unscrew it with screwdrivers that are just a bit too large leave you irritated. Fortunately, this isn't just a problem vapers encounter, so there is a simple solution.

A cheap magnetizer/demagnetzier makes it so the screwdriver and screw become magnetized, and attract each other with ease. From there, unscrewing and screwing in the parts is a piece of cake. The demagnetizer can then be used to ensure the screwdriver doesn’t stick to anything else. While it may not seem like a lot, this cheap piece of equipment will save you a huge amount of time and effort.

Vape Hack #2: Prime Your Wicks

Sometimes after changing your wicks you’ll pull and get a dry, unpleasant hit. The easiest way to stop this from happening is to prime your wicks with some vegetable glycerin. To do this, you’ll need to obtain some pure vegetable glycerin and a syringe. Both can easily be ordered online or from local stores. Load some of the vegetable glycerin into the syringe and inject it into the wick, making sure it is saturated. This will help lessen the flavor of the e-liquid and will keep you from wasting those first few hits.

Vape Hack #3: Keep Some Hand Sanitizer

Have you ever gotten some juice on your skin? Maybe you’ve been dripping or maybe your vape has been leaking a little bit due to uncleaned parts, but there has certainly been a time when you’ve accidentally spilled a little bit onto yourself. It can get pretty sticky, and sometimes can be uncomfortable. Most of all, it can be nearly impossible to get off with just water and soap. A quick hack to cleaning off the stickiness is to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Whether the actual liquid or the wipes, the sanitizer cleans off the e-liquid surprisingly quickly and efficiently.

Each of these tips could have been tricks you picked up along your own vaping journey, but the earlier you know the more experienced you become. Enjoy your vaping with these quick vaping hacks.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Beginners Guide to eCigarettes

Although the vast array of products may at first seem daunting, electronic cigarettes can be simplified into three main components:

The Battery -  The smaller the battery - the more often it will need charging and the shorter it's lifespan

The Cartridge - These are used to hold the e-liquid and come in many forms (atomiser/cartomiser/clearomiser).

E-Liquid - The liquid that carries the flavour and nicotine (various strengths and flavours available)

So, although they range in size from a standard cigarette size to a medium cigar size - they all have the same basic components and each kit is tailored to suit the individuals requirements.

Cigarette sized kits are better suited to light smokers or for use when out and about, whereas larger kits are better suited to moderate/heavy smokers because of their higher capacity batteries and cartridges.

Many people use both types of kit - there are no hard and fast rules, but you will get the best results by using the kit which best meets your needs (the majority of people who initially buy a 'cigarette sized' kit, return to buy the larger kit soon after).

The Battery

Batteries come in various shapes, colours and sizes and their purpose is to provide the power that heats up our e-liquid, producing vapour.

There are 2 types of battery - Automatic (suck to activate) and Manual (Button press to activate) and whilst Automatic batteries are easier to use, Manual batteries are generally better and longer lasting.

The larger the battery, the longer it will run between charges and the longer the lifespan of the battery (batteries can be charged many times before requiring replacement).

The batteries capacity is referred to as the mAh - the larger the mAh, the longer the battery will run between charges (100mAh = roughly 1 hours use).

Some batteries have dual or variable voltages, which allow the user to increase or decrease the intensity of the vape (often referred to as 'Throat Hit').

Batteries are usually charged via USB charger, which are not supplied with the battery, unless the battery comes as part of a kit, so remember to add the correct charger to your order.

It's essential to keep the contacts on both the battery and charger clean and we recommend cleaning both with tissue paper or alcohol wipes at least once a week.

Tip - Never over-tighten batteries onto the charger - they only need to make contact to charge and over-tightening them will damage the battery.

The Cartridge or Liquid Carrier

Cartridges or liquid carriers come in many forms and you will see them referred to as:

Atomisers - These are usually used for testing flavours and hold 2-3 drops of e-liquid at a time. They are used in conjunction with a drip tip (mouthpiece for comfort)

Cartomisers - These usually have a wadding material inside which holds the e-liquid and have a much larger capacity (30 drops of e-liquid)

Clearomisers- Similar to a cartomiser, but without the wadding material and with a higher capacity again (up to 60 drops of e-liquid)

Tanks - The largest carrying capacity of all cartridges (up to 150 drops of e-liquid).

Clearomisers and tanks often have replaceable atomiser heads inside them which can be purchased separately, making them generally the most economical long term solution.

Tip - Please remember that all the above are consumable items, which need to be replaced on a regular basis, so we recommend buying spares when you buy your initial kit.


E-Liquid comes in many flavours, strengths and bottle sizes.

Taste is very subjective and what one person loves another will hate, so we always recommend trying the liquids in the smallest available size initially until you find your preferred flavours.

Also, remember that your taste buds will change over the first few weeks and flavours you don't like initially could become favourites eventually,

E-liquids come in various strengths and we would usually recommend Medium Strength (18mg-20mg), for those using electronic cigarettes for the first time, unless you are an extremely light or heavy smoker.

The main ingredients of e-liquid are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Food Flavouring and Nicotine and all our ingredients are Pharmaceutical Grade.

All our e-liquids carry important safety information and those containing nicotine are classed as Toxic and should always be stored safely and away from children and pets.

If you are unsure about using e-liquid, we recommend starting with prefilled cartomisers, which although not the most economical solution do come ready to use and can also be topped up with liquid when empty.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pocket Size With Plenty of Power - SubVOD Starter Kit by KangerTech Thoughts

Okay so i'm not your typical 'girly vaper' as some of the guys have said to be before, so subtle mods and devices are really not my thing, instead I prefer to have a good solid device in my hand and ready to give me plenty of vapour.

So when i announced to my friends that I was awaiting a new UK Kanger SubVOD starter kit, a small and petit pocket-sized pen vapouriser, they naturally thought that I was losing it... However I needed something that I could take to work and not have to have a seperate bag for!

So after reviewing some of the videos and reviews on YouTube from some of the vapers that I follow on there, I decided to go ahead and order one, I mean for the price (£27.99) it was cheap for a sub-ohm device of any size... So I took the gamble and whoa am I glad I did!

The parcel arrived the following day and although small and seemingly dainty, when put together the device was great, a real treat for those that are looking to be able to enjoy those sort of thick vapour clouds that make up half of the fun of vaping for me...

Setting it up was simple, I just opened it right up put the battery and tank together as per the instructions and then stuck my 70/30 eliquid into the top of the tank (might as well put it through its paces from the off eh?)

Great clouds, fantastic flavour, adjustable airflow holes and all for just £27.99!

A mind blowing price for a device that gave me the same vaping experience that I get from my main box mod while still being able to fit in my handbag without dominating it.

Mine will be a secondary device on evenings and weekends but I can see why they are so popular for new starters too.